Monday, November 26, 2012


© Copyright 2012 by Gary Lee Joyner

Doctor:  And how are we today

The images I mount around me
Don’t work anymore
They don’t quell the burning flame
The rising volcanic pressure
And I remain Invisible

Doctor:  Invisible, you say

Invisible as a magician’s hidden payload
Invisible as pre-miracle silk scarves stuffed up a sleeve
Invisible as a terrified rabbit beneath the false bottom of an upturned hat
A blinding burn of flash powder and I remain Invisible

Doctor: I want to hear more
As a person, aha
As an artist, oho
As a creator
Whose gift and contribution
Is ignored by society, oh my
On the street people look through you
At a party people walk through you
At home your girlfriend sees through you
So you must be Invisible
Ah, but have you considered
The benefits of invisibility
You can live in a fog
You can come like the wind
And slip away in a mist
Think of what you can achieve
Think of what you can get away with
Most important of all
Think of….
But our time is gone
We’ll take it from there next week

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Exquisite Media Corpse

If...if !!'d like to feel an impact of media (a plural word) bizarreness...

Put on a television broadcast with the sound down (you choose which, but a "news" show is a good place to start) a CD/mp3 album of your choice while watching...enjoy the ensuing antics/displacement/expanded-awareness that ensues with this truly surrealistic game in play.

It's not a comfortable activity of the sort the media (a plural word) want you to "enjoy"...

I'm doing it at the moment with ancient replays of The Lawrence Welk Show mixed with "today's news" while listening to Nic Bartsch's Ronin...