Saturday, September 19, 2015

Look Into My Eyes...You're Getting Sleepy

This is the most important aspect of everything that is going on around you in current political "news".

It is infinitely more important than Trump's latest inanity or why Bernie chose to give a speech at a Christian university.

As an example for my point I'll use a recent article that posted about Bernie Sanders' visit to Liberty University.

One line in their article:

"Oddly, the response to this news was not impressed with Sanders reaching out a group he didn’t agree with, but questioned why he was going."

When media tell you what people are thinking, how people are responding, it is all a fabrication. Media are the transparent creators of what you think.

You don't even know that you see the media. You think you are looking at the topic of the moment, but you are seeing, hearing, and thinking what they want you to see, hear, and think. They are controlling you. You are only seeing ideas that they want to impose on your mind. It isn't exactly subliminal, but it is powerful and it is devious.

People take in the statements. The statements play upon innate drives to be a viable part of whatever is "trending" (a ridiculous concept to begin with)...and those drives have previously been implanted using the same methods.

Upon consideration the statements would reveal themselves to be vague and meaningless. Ask questions. ASK QUESTIONS! Who is responding this way? Was I responding this way before they told me how to respond? Are they forming my response without my even being aware of it? And what AREN'T they telling me?

Two words you should always mistrust when you hear them used together: "Some say..."

Yes, this is going to entail some activity on your part because you are going to have to find your own answers.

And those of you who are capable of more abstract complex thought...consider this: There is no such thing as an "objective documentary". The moment someone decides which way to point a camera and when to open the shutter subjectivity is running the show.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

This Little Light

You may be asking yourself, “Has GLJ gone off the rails? Has he abandoned his life to sit drooling over a keyboard and ranting like a maniac?”

Oh ye of little faith.

First of all, I hope that my posts and blogs don’t come across as rants and rages. Someone told me I need not fear, that my concise, focused, well-honed writing wouldn’t be mistaken for “rants”.

I hope he was right.

I’ll tell you a story.

I really wanted to volunteer for the Bernie Sanders campaign. Circumstances did not allow me to participate in the categories that were specified at his campaign website. So I looked around and asked what CAN I do?

Here’s what I came up with:
1. I’m a deep thinker.
2. I’m a highly skilled writer.
3. I’m a highly skilled communicator.
4. It’s been proven repeatedly around the world that social media are effective tools for spreading messages, advancing causes. The Sanders campaign is benefiting hugely from this.

So this is what I can do…I can participate in this way.

I know that my audience is comparatively small. But we sang a song in Sunday School…“This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine.”

And even if I'm only preaching to the choir, I hope that the choir finds some encouragement.

You can help by sharing my FB posts and blogs when you appreciate them. “Likes” are encouraging and greatly appreciated, but “shares” put the ideas on the road.

From now on when you see one of my posts I hope you think, “There’s GLJ doing volunteer work again. Now what can I do?...”

And by the way, I’m writing songs and making visual art like a madman. A new set of songs will be available soon.

Sympathy For the Victims

It's clear to even a passing glance that the current Republican Party is completely different than that of our parents and grandparents. It's similar in name only.

I've heard it put this way:

Today's Republican Party is made up of three classes.
1. Those in control. (The oligarchs, the One-Per-Centers, the corporations, the banksters.)
2. Their hired shills, (Politicians; the pundits; the media. Mercenaries who are being well compensated for their participation.)
3. The suckers. (The real people "on the ground" who are being tricked into thinking and voting in ways that serve class number 1. They are fooled with emotional triggers that get them heated up and blinded to what's really being perpetrated. Issues that are usually based around race, gender, birth choices, and all sorts of misrepresented "rights". Stink bombs. Trojan horses.)

I don't like the term "suckers". It has an unuseful pejorative tone. Sometimes "The Duped" is used in an attempt to be more conciliatory. I prefer "Victims". They are good people whose own better natures are being turned back to knife themselves in the heart. And they are coerced into grabbing the handle of the knife to help drive it in.