Monday, October 21, 2013

No More Billionaires?

Some of us keep asking why the billionaires want even more money. (For example, the Koch brothers = $71,000,000,000+. How many times can they upgrade their bathrooms? Is there a restaurant that they can't afford?...afford to eat at?...afford to own?...)

The answer finally occurred to me while I watched the last few weeks unfold.

It's about power. Even that thought seems self-evident, but recent events have brought it screamingly into focus. The right-wing extremist billionaires (a very small community) want...they control even more of the money...
They have made it clear that they already control a significant piece of our government...i.e. our And they control it by buying it. Anyone who doesn't recognize this is either willfully/ideologically in denial or simply uninformed/stupid. But if they control even more of the money they will further solidify their control of everything...everywhere.

They will do anything...anything...including destroy your eliminate the competition.