Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Who's Judging Whom?

I've been performing an experiment today.

Randomly throughout the day I've been turning on the radio. Every time...every single time...the first words to come out of the speakers have been Orlando, massacre, guns, or shootings.

Once the ecstatic self-serving media frenzy dies down, like the after-gloom of an unsatisfying episode of sex, things will go on. Nothing will change. We'll go on being cowed by affluent monied corporate interests, and voting in people who make the stasis inevitable.

We're getting what we deserve.

Certain bizarre right-wing media mouthpieces are once again ranting about "God's judgement on homosexuals". If Americans are under "judgement" it's not because of our sexual choices. It's about all the evil being done in our name all over the well as here at home...things that are being advocated and supported by those same mouthpieces. They have a peculiar vision ailment that only allows them to see the "sins" of others, and never their own. And some of you will recognize what I'm talking about here...they still think that Rev. 3:20 is a "salvation verse". Claiming to understand and live by the Bible they are completely missing it.

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